INNO3D |3D Printing Support Service for Innovative Citizens


Context/Background of the Project: 
The INNO3D project aims to develop tools to train Librarians in using 3D printing so that they have the skills to train library users to use 3D Printing effectively. This will be a dedicated service offered in libraries by librarians who as a result of the training that the INNO3D project will provide, will be able to instruct all library users in the use of 3D printing. The project will enhance the quality and relevance of knowledge and skills of librarians in the area of 3D Printing.

Objectives of the Project: 
The project is designed to improve and diversify the services offered to users of university and other libraries by offering these library users key skills and the opportunity to develop 3D printing competencies. This will be achieved by training librarians who will then train library users, students, staff and citizens in general to use 3D Printing services. Libraries have always been communal spaces that have been set up to share and give access to learning and enrichment resources.
The introduction of new technologies such as 3D printing is part of the mission to teach 21st-century skills. 3D printing is an example of the type of resource that will transform today’s libraries into cutting-edge learning hubs and give communities access to technologies that will have a significant impact on such fields as scientific research, architecture, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare and more. Its important to note that the goal of 3D printing in libraries is not to create the next artificial heart. But a library user can learn the technology and potential of digital fabrication and reinforce that learning with simpler hands-on projects. Hence, effectively introducing 3D printing in Society and making it available to ordinary citizens.
Participating Countries:
Greece,Ireland , Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain.
3 years