American Corner

The American Corner of the FCT NOVA Library is the result of a partnership with the US Embassy in Lisbon and its mission is to provide access to scientific information and to carry out cultural exchange and scientific dissemination activities.
A diversified program of activities is actively developed including: Scientific talks, Workshops, Cultural Activities (Exhibitions), Movies, Official Visits, ACP Awards and Education USA.
Aiming as target audiences: the FCT Campus, Surrounding Communities and Schools.
FCT Director Fernando Santana, USA Embassador Allan J. Katz
UNL Reitor António Rendas, Library Director José Moura 
The FCT FABLAB open in 2016 with the mission of facilitate and promote access to a wide range of knowledge resources, providing users with a modern and collaborative environment, stimulating study/ research/ applications and human contact. The facility is viewed as a major resource for students of all degrees, as well as teachers and researchers (academics) and general public (Community). The Digital Literacy Program and Projects aims to provide the users with the information and skills oriented for problem solving.
FCT FABLAB is a service provided by the FCT NOVA Library.
Why a FabLab in a LIBRARY ?
Libraries have long been the forefront providers to access to new technologies. Libraries are spaces with a tradition of collaboration, an essential factor in learning new technologies. They are spaces accessible to everyone.  Digital fabrication is now recognized as a powerful tool in teaching STEAM.
Information Resources
All FCT members and alumni have access to the eLibraryUSA resource
The ELibrary USA is a virtual library that includes 20 scientific databases, in multidisciplinary areas, with scientific articles and ebooks in full text.
Access to eLibraryUSA resources
To request your personal registration, send an email to div.bac.helpdesk@fct.unl.pt and you will soon receive an email with the password you should use to access
Magazines and journals
Press Reader here
Magazines on Flipster here
Academic OneFile here
Database of multidisciplinary scientific and technical publications: 10,000 peer-reviewed academic journals, 6,500 of which are available in full text. It has ReadSpeaker technology that allows you to listen the audio version of the articles. In addition to scientific publications, it is also worth mentioning the inclusion of some relevant content: “New York Times” in full text since 1985; reference works such as “Gale Encyclopedia of Science”, “Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine” and
“Encyclopedia of World Biography”.
Chronological scope - 1980 - present.
Scientific publications database in the areas of Social Sciences, Economics and History.
Arts and Sciences I - [Filosofia, Ciências Políticas] – Philosophy, Political Sciences
Arts and Sciences II - Archeology, Asian Studies, Classical Studies, History, Political Science] -
Arts and Sciences VII - [Archeology, Art and Art History, Classical Studies, History, Languages and Literature, Political Science]
Arts and Sciences X - Educations, Law
Arts and Sciences XII - Asian Studies, Education, History, Languages and Literature, Law
Business II - History, Law
Business III - Asian Studies, Education
Business IV - Economics and Finance
Health & General Sciences - Epidemiology, Nursing, Biology, Health Sciences, Sciences
Magazines/Journals list here
The ProQuest Dissertation & Theses Global database (PQDT Global) allows you to search for dissertations and theses, from 1973 to the present, with full text or just reference, from a collection of more than 3.8 million copies, from more than 700 universities from all over the world.
Gale in Context here
Indexes 1,200 academic journals, newspapers and links to audio and video resources.
Access to a collection of 141 electronic books published between 2009 and 2011, in the areas of Exact Sciences and Engineering. To access the list of ebooks, send an email to div.bac.helpdesk@fct.unl.pt and you will soon receive an email with the password to use it
List of collections and titles:
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