Lyell Collection, Geological Society of London


Lyell Collection, Geological Society of London

coleção Lyell da Geological Society of London é uma das maiores coleções integradas de literatura on-line de Ciências da Terra. Reúne num único site revistas, publicações especiais e séries de livros, disponíveis para investigadores e estudantes.

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The Lyell Collection:


  • Journal of the Geological Society (1845-2021) 
  • Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (1967-2021) 
  • Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis (2001-2021) 
  • Petroleum Geoscience  (1995-2021)  
  • Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society (1839-2021) 
  • Scottish Journal of Geology (1965-2021)
  • Journal of Micropalaeontology online only (1982-2017) 

Book series:

  • Geological Society of London Special Publications (490+ volumes) 
  • Geological Society of London Memoirs (50 volumes) 
  • Geological Society of London Engineering Geology Special Publications (26 volumes)
  • Petroleum Geology Conference Proceedings (4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th conferences)  

Historic content 

Transactions of the Geological Society (1811-1845) 

  • Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society (1868-1963) 
  • Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow (1860-1963) 
  • 18,000 peer-reviewed articles
  • 260,000 pages of Earth science content
  • Full-text archives back to 1811
  • Selected open access articles
  • Free public access to alerts, search functions and abstracts
  • Full electronic functionality and searchable content throughout
  • Full text in HTML and PDF format
  • Active reference linking via CrossRef, GeoRef and ISI
  • Free full text linking to many other key Earth science journals, including GeoScienceWorld
  • eTOC (electronic Table of Contents) and research alerts available to subscribers and non-subscribers
  • GSL has partnered with the CLOCKSS Archive to ensure the digital preservation of Lyell Collection content for the future

Special Publications series: Books, e-Books